Though I’m healthy & young, have to do my part

I am Jyoti and here’s my lockdown story which I am sure isn’t any different from anyone else’s.

So, I was at this place called Tipling, which apparently was the highest point of our trek to Ruby Valley. We heard from our DOC that rest of the phase has been cancelled and we’ve to get back.

This seemingly invisible enemy, COVID-19, was all over the world. Because of this pandemic, all our international volunteers have to get back to their home country. We were disappointed. We walked 3 days to get road access and were evacuated back.

The announcement from Nepal government, to lockdown country, briskly changed my quite bliss mood to jittery unrest. Until that day, life was normal. I went to see my friends when I get back in town and stucked with them in locked down.

At first it took me a while to realize what was really happening but hearing the numbers of death and infectants I realized this Corona thing was really terrible.

The obligation to stay at home was disgusting. I freaked out honestly. I am not homely person. My only hobby is to go out and isn’t got any indoor hobbies. I spent my day watching Netflix and connecting to friends via different social media.

I had few friends who lived nearby. So, we all tried making most of lockdown. All of us came from different background and nations (Kenya, USA, Tanzania, Yemen, Uganda and me representing Nepal). We literally had quarantine squad. We had lot more to share. We shared our cultures, tried different recipes, listen to different music, learnt African tribal dances, learnt each other’s language. We used to have hell lotta conversation, including politics, sports, celebrities bla bla. We used to do indoor exercises, gave make over to each other and had this thing called quarantine looks. We give change over to rooftop and make mini cafe there to hangout. I also helped on social awareness regarding COVID-19, webinar by my Leo club. I always tried to make every passing day more effective.

On 35th day, I came hometown (municipality arranged vehicle to evacuate) to be with my family. I felt so good. Here I can at least go for walk in mornings and evening. Me, dad and mom planned to work on ourselves. Mom and dad focused to lose their weight and me monitoring them on their exercises and diets. I learn to cook, being more social and spending quality time with family. I’ve not stayed with them for this long since almost eight years. Despites all these bright sides of lockdown, I miss going to work.  I miss going out and partying. I can’t wait to get back to normal life again.

It was crystal clear now that I’ve to stay at home, it doesn’t matter if I’m healthy & young. I have to do my part and not put everyone at risk. This lockdown helped me meet myself for real and to be sure that when this is over, I’ll take care of everything.


बन्द कोठाको अत्यासलाग्दो बसाइ

कोरोनाले सुरु गराएको इन्टरनेट कक्षा लकडाउन कथा

कोरोनाले सुरु गराएको इन्टरनेट कक्षा

गाह्रो भो !

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